4 Best Baby Teething must haves

4 Best Baby Teething must haves

dsc02001Ugh!!! Teething… It breaks my heart seeing my baby in pain and crying his lungs out.  At first, I had no idea why my baby was crying so much.

                          He didn’t want to feed, all he wanted was to bite and suck on something.

Teething occurs between 6 to 24 months of age, but sometimes it can happen earlier than that.

Symptoms: Tender and swollen gums, Irritability, crying and screaming, biting their hands to reduce discomfort, always rubbing their face and pulling their ears.

Below are the 4 Best Baby Teething must haves that works for my baby. I hope it will work for yours too.

4 Best Baby Teething must haves:

  • 4 Best Baby Teething must haves Icybite gel teething key toys

Frozen/cold teether has a numbing effect on baby’s aching gums. You can get this exact teether here






  • 4 Best Baby Teething must haves Mommy’s Bliss Gripe water

My Favorite is this gripe water! Good for gas, colic, fussiness, teething, and hiccups. The best part is that it is fast acting and 100% vegan and vegetarian, Free of gluten, dairy, soy, and NO artificial flavors or colors; NO dyes, alcohol or parabens. Who wouldn’t love this? Get it here





  • 4 Best Baby Teething must haves Natural Wood/Crochet Teethers 

These natural wood teethers are soothing and hard. It puts pressure on aching gums. The crochet teether is good for itchiness. Get it here






4 Best Baby Teething must haves

  • Ice and washcloth

Cheap and it works! A good combo for numbing the gums and also good for itchiness because of the texture of the washcloth.




So, those are my must haves! What is your favorite in these list of must haves? Comment below and you can also share with me your babies teething experience. Wish you good luck and hope you’re getting enough sleep. Chow!


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