Best pregnancy announcement ever

Park maternity photo shoot

When I woke up early in the morning, I took a pregnancy test. I had a feeling already that I was pregnant, just in denial, because we only tried conceiving one time. I was thinking, could I get pregnant that fast? Guess what? It was positive! Woohoo!! I was super duper happy and speechless. Out of my excitement, I had to tell someone before I go crazy haha. So, I told my co-worker right when I got to work.

I want to have the Best pregnancy announcement ever. So, the plan was to surprise my husband on his birthday 09/04/15. I had to keep the secret for two days. The plan we had for his birthday was to eat out. Before that, I had to lie to him and tell him that I will be doing overtime haha. I had to get the stuff I need to surprise him. Bought some balloons and put my pregnancy test in one of them. Ok, so the rule was he has to poke one balloon for him to be able to see the surprise.


The two things on our checklist before we decided to have baby are:
  • A Strong relationship.
  • A good job. That can support a party of three.

So, why not have a baby? We want to be young parents. Having those two things creates a good foundation for a family. Let me know what you guys think and please like our video on youtube.


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Best pregnancy announcement ever

When I woke up early in the morning, I took a pregnancy...
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