“Worth weeks” Diaper Bag Organization

Worth weeks Diaper Bag Organization

Worth weeks Diaper Bag Organization

Organizing and preparing for your baby’s need is a must! It keeps you from stressing, rushing, and panicking. So here’s my tip for you all on how to prepare your diaper bag.

Everyone is different when it comes to our family situation. My situation is that my husband and I work in the morning so, we had to hire someone who will take care of our beloved son. It is hard to trust a stranger who you’ve never met and known but, we were so blessed that God showed us and gave us the best nanny we could ever find.

The first day I start my job as a nurse is the first day I trusted my nanny to take care of my son. I admit it was very hard and sad. It was also tough to prepare all the things we need the night before or that morning. It was tiring. I would always feel stress and rushed. So, I decided to be more organize.

So, Here’s what I do:Β 

BTW. Our nanny doesn’t come to our house. We drop off our son in the morning to his nanny’s house. She takes care of two more babies.

  • I bought five folding storage bins from target.com. I use it to put all my baby’s clothes, diapers, bibs, swaddle blanket, and bottles. So, it would be five days worth of diaper bag that you don’t have to prepare that whole week. YAY! All you need to do is to put it in your baby’s diaper bag.

Worth weeks Diaper Bag Organization

  • If you notice I didn’t include Milk, Cereals, food, or wipes in my diaper bag, it’s because I give her those things every month. I meal prep as well. I make food for my baby to bring to his nanny. That whole week, I don’t have to prepare anything. He is all set!

Worth weeks Diaper Bag Organization

There you go! Hope this idea helped some of you who’s been looking for ways on how to be prepared and organize.

Share in the comments below how you like to prepare for your little one!







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